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Art & design charges are one time charges for the services to produce film positives for screen preparation. Artwork should be mailed to our offices with your order. Due to poor quality, artwork faxed to our offices is not considered camera ready. The term "Camera Ready" artwork refers to artwork that is on a white background and the design is rendered in solid black, ready to be used as is. "Camera Ready" artwork requires no touch-up or modification prior to its use. Any artwork which requires our artists to get your artwork ready for use will incur additional art charges. A deposit of at least half of the art quote is required to begin work on custom artwork. Please call our customer service department for more information on our custom art design services.


Camera ready art (no touch-up necessary) $15.00 per camera shot.
Standard art charges (simple clip art, font layouts, work on submitted art, or modification to an existing art item) $25.00 per hour, quoted on a per job basis.
Custom art or design work $25.00 per hour.


Customer provided art on computer disk: $15.00 per color separation per design. We support the following software packages: Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW!, Adobe Pagemaker. All colors must be set as spot colors and all fonts must be converted to paths, curves or graphics. Please include a list of all fonts used in the design. We will accept designs created in raster type programs, like Adobe PhotoShop, and paintbox style programs after reviewing the file. Acceptance is based on complexity, resolution, and difficulty of color separation. For further information, please request a faxed copy of our computer artwork information specifications.
Outputting computer generated artwork is priced at $15.00 per image, per color. Should any additional work be required on your artwork, it will be quoted on a $25.oo per hour rate prior to the work being done.